Our Students’ Excellent Performance in WASSCE is a Result of Hardwork, Discipline – Calculus College Governing Council Chairman


Prince Abdulmujeeb Adesegun Ogungbayi, Chairman of the Governing Council of Calculus Comprehensive Schools, Itele, Ota, Ogun state, in this interview took our correspondent, Taofeek Ajape Adedeji, through the processes leading to the students’ excellent performance. Excerpts:

Can we meet you, sir?

Am Prince Abdulmujeeb Adesegun Ogungbayi, the Chairman Governing Council, Calculus Comprehensive Schools, Itele Ota, Ogun State.

We heard that Calculus Comprehensive College had 100% success in their first WAEC written in June this year 2022.

Yes, all our Art, Commercial and Science students passed distinctly without malpractices.

What is the secret of passing excellently without malpractice?

Its discipline. As one of the founding fathers of the school, we inculcate extraordinary discipline in the school thereby strengthening the teachers and students in terms of discipline which equally protected them morally, spiritually and academically. It’s on record that some of them that were not disciplined enough or their parents want excellent results without tears or lack of confidence in the system left for tutorial lessons where malpractice is the order of the day. But today the students that wrote their WAEC in Calculus College after extraordinary assignments, more than ten (10) series of mock are thankful to the school model that fortified them strictly for the almighty West African Examination Council which they all passed with flying colours. The implication is that there is not a single student out of the WAEC registered candidates that do not have excellent results to study Medicine and Surgery, Engineering Courses, Law, Mass Communication and Accounting in any of the first-class universities in Nigeria or abroad.

We noticed you have well equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratory, what roles does it play in the written WAEC?

The role of the Calculus Laboratory in the Excellent results of all our students can not be overemphasized. In Calculus, we teach from practical to theory thereby strengthening all the students beyond bounds. The use of Laboratory starts from Senior Secondary School 1 (SS1) day one in the college and not SS 2 or when WAEC is coming. We teach students how to think and not what to think. To the extent that all the first sets of WAEC candidates have developed 100% confidence in the use of apparatus before the WAEC, this also counts for us in the examination.

Who are those proud WAEC students of Calculus?

The proud outstanding and historical students were led by the Senior Boy and Senior Girl of the College, Abdussamad Bello, and Soliah Busari. Others are Alhameen Ajala, Aisha Uthman, Abdulmaleek Adetona, Musiab Ibrahim, Abdullah Jeje, Zumayah Saheed, Habeebah Oduola, Habibullah Shobiye and Ramlah Abdulmujeeb.

We equally heard that all the students of JSS 3 in the last Basic Education Certificate Examination recorded an all-round excellent performance.

Yes, the set was led by Abdulmateen Olayiwola with astonishing excellent results across all the subjects. Other outstanding students were Adekola Abduraheem, Muhammad Ajala, Akindele Kamaldeen and Sarumi Musa.

Whom do you want to single out among your teachers?

I will single out the Principal himself Mr Shola Oladimeji Ogunleye for taking the bull by the horn in ensuring that Calculus is celebrated for excellent results in every aspect of the subjects seated for in both WAEC and NECO. The teacher that won my admiration is Mr Ismail Bello the Physics and Chemistry teacher for propelling all the WAEC candidates to excellent performance without malpractices. Miss Tawakalt Jimoh, the historical Biology teacher who made her marks within three months of joining Calculus.

What is your advice for the schools that are encouraging malpractice?

My advice starts from the parents that are enrolling students into colleges for malpractices, you all need to stop before you collapsed your nation. While those schools that have been encouraging malpractices too need to stop now before the nation collapsed because they shall be blamed for the mismanagement of parents and students. Apart from that, such a school will be deregistered from presenting candidates for WAEC for two good years apart from other fines.

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