OTM’s Marriage Seminar: Islamic Insights for Family Resilience Amid Economic Crisis


The Organization of Tadhamunul Muslimeen (OTM) has recently organized its annual Marriage Seminar to address the challenges posed by the ongoing economic crisis in Nigeria and its impact on Muslim families. The event featured esteemed speakers who shed light on various aspects of managing a household amidst economic challenges from an Islamic perspective.

Dr. Bilal Sirajudeen Al Asra, Director of the Al Iniyat Arabic Institute in Iwo, Osun State who was the guest lecturer emphasized the responsibilities of men and women in the home, stating, “A wife must know that Allah has created her a source of comfort and calm for her husband, while the husband is created to provide for the home.”

He also expressed concerns about societal misconceptions, noting, “Our society has complicated things, and the confusion has seeped in to the extent that the woman is believed to do even better than the man and neglecting her own responsibilities.”

Dr. Al Asra advised couples not to worry about rising costs but to focus on their faith in Allah and managing their resources wisely, saying, “Whatever anyone has should be managed accordingly, and he should be contented with it, not looking elsewhere for things that are more than him.”

Hajia Khadijah Hassan Ogunsiji, an Assistant Chief Matron at the General Hospital Orile Agege and Chief Matron at Our Friend Hospital, addressed the issue of managing family health during economic crises. She emphasized the importance of understanding food combinations and how to make the most of available resources to ensure a balanced and nutritious diet.

“They, women especially should learn how to manage our resources as there are so many things that we know and have but we are not making good use of. As the manager of a home, you should be able to use the little money to buy quality and nutritious things to make a balanced diet that’d be good for the home,” she advised.

Hashim Olajide Emmanuel, Chairman of the 2023 Annual Marriage Seminar for OTM, provided insight into the organization and the seminar’s choice of theme. He explained, “The topic we picked for this year’s marriage seminar was chosen from what’s happening in our country right now. The impact of the economic happenings is bouncing more on the families than any other sectors.”

Hashim encouraged participants, saying, “They should also never lose faith, be patient with each other, and always pray to Allah about everything.”

Aiyepe Aisha, a mathematics teacher working with the Lagos State Government who was a participant, expressed gratitude to the organizers and highlighted the valuable insights into the responsibilities of Muslim couples in managing their homes.

She suggested, “I would like to say Jazakumullahu khayran to the organizers and would advise that this program shouldn’t be once a year but quarterly.”

Another participant, Muhisudeen Olayiwola Adagun, a retired engineer, commended the seminar’s comprehensive approach to addressing various societal challenges in Nigeria and their connection to family life.

He urged OTM to expand the reach of the seminar, making it accessible to all individuals considering marriage, not limited to just families.

The OTM Annual Marriage Seminar, with its focus on Islamic solutions for managing family life during economic crises, has offered valuable guidance and insights to attendees. The event has not only reinforced the roles of husbands and wives in the household but has also provided practical advice on managing resources and maintaining family health, leaving a lasting impact on the participants.

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