Hundreds of attendees benefited from free medical outreach by the Organisers of Monthly Forum of Islamic intellectual gathering, “Nuru l Bayan” where October edition of the forum was dedicated for cancer awareness and sensitization .

The widely publised forum took place on Saturday, October 21, 2023 at the popular Dopemu Central Mosque in Agege Area of Lagos.

It began with free health caravan, consultations, eye screening test for members of the public at 2:30pm followed by the Cancer Awareness sensitization at 4:15pm.

Sensitizatising the attendees , Senior Registrar, Radiology Department, Federal Medical Centre, Ebute-Metta Lagos, Dr. Abdulwahab Abdur-Rahman described cancer as the uncontrollable and purposeless growth of the body’s cell which is persistent and has the ability to spread to other organs

According to him, cancer has a major impact on society in the United States and across the world with Sub Saharan Africa exempted as it could develop in almost anywhere in the body

He said ” Cancer is among the leading cause of death worldwide. In 2018, there were 18.1 million new cases and 9.5 million cancer-related deaths worldwide. By 2040, the number of new cancer cases per year is expected to rise to 29.5 million and the number of cancer-related deaths to 16.4 million”

He added that In USA(2020) prostate cancer is the leading cause of cancer related death among men, followed by lung cancer, then colorectal , among women, breast followed by lung then colorectal cancer respectively.

Dr AbdurRahman who explained the developmental stages of the generic disease stated that Cancer occurs due to dysregulation of four main types of genes ; roto-oncogenes (growth genes) bcomes oncogenes , Tumor suppressor genes (act as a “brake”), Apoptotic genes (that cause self-death of cells) and DNA repair genes.

He highlighted use of Tobacco, Alcohol, Overcooked food, food processed under naked fire are among the sources of dietary carcinogens among othet risk factors of Cancer.

He advised the women on breast feeding which protects them from breast cancer as symptoms included , Breast lump, Change on size/shape of breast, Lump in the armpit, Dimpling of breast skin, Redness in the nipple or breast, Pain in the nipple area? Nipple discharge (usually bloody) and Breast pain

“Every woman should learn about self breast examinantion and perform it routinely.Cervical cancer is a vaccine preventable cancer” he advised

Dr Abdurhaman said that right Education and awareness are important to its prevention.

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