Encryption Workshop Promises to Empower Digital Privacy Advocates – Adegboyega


Kehinde Adegboyega, the Executive Director of the Human Rights Journalists Network Nigeria (HRJN) has announced a one-day Encryption workshop which would help to protect digital privacy among journalists and human right defenders.

Adegboyega in a press release to announce the workshop which is being organized by HRJN in collaboration with the Internet Society Foundation and AccessNow, explained that the workshop aims to educate and empower attendees on the importance of encryption in safeguarding online privacy.

Adegboyega said “in an era dominated by digital technology and online communication, the need to protect digital privacy and human rights has never been more critical. The workshop promises a comprehensive exploration of encryption’s fundamentals and its pivotal role in preserving digital privacy.

“In today’s interconnected world, encryption serves as a shield against online threats, making this workshop a vital resource for those looking to champion digital privacy and protect human rights.”

The workshop is billed to hold on Saturday, October 21, 2023, in Lagos, and interested participants can join virtually. All participants are required to register at https://bit.ly/HRJNEncryptionWorkshop.

Attendees, which include journalists, media professionals, human rights advocates, digital privacy enthusiasts, and anyone concerned about online security, will have the opportunity to engage in hands-on sessions, practical demonstrations, and interactive discussions with esteemed experts in the field.

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