Riyadul Qur’an Tahfeez & Arabic School graduates 13 students at the 4th Quranic Graduation


An Islamic school situated at the art of Oshodi, Riyadul Qur’an Tahfeez & Arabic School (Khalwatu Tarteel) in her 4th Quranic graduation graduated 13 students for Quran memorization among which 2 have committed to the memory, the whole Quran. The event which took place on December 11, 2022, was graced by Imam Hassan Tahir, the Director of an Islamic orphanage home among a host of others.

This year’s Quran Graduation theme is ‘Al-Quran: Source of Guidance’.

Imam Hassan Tahir while speaking on the topic “the concept of governance in Islam” buttressed that Allah has given mankind a manual (The Quran) as a guide to all our activities. He further explained how Makkah was developed through the teaching of Islam. “Makkah that is cherished today by all was one a community full of evils, Islam brought light to the city. If people mention Khalid bu Walid now, we pray before him, before people rain curse on him because he was a Kafir”, he said.

The founder and proprietor of Riyadul Quran for Tahfeez Arabic school Ustadh Monsur AbdulHameed in his opening speech said he started the school of his love for the Quran. My long-term goal is to see students reciting and memorising the Quran perfectly as Allah has revealed it, he said. Presently, we are working towards having a permanent site where we will be able to accommodate more students.

Imam Qasim Opadijo, popularly known as Wisdom while delivering his lecture on the essence of the Quran in every home, he advised all parents to endeavour to live by the Quran so that their children can emulate good things from them. He also urges parents to honour the Quran and its people. He said: “One can be blessed with the Quran. If you are in pain, read the Quran. Whatever you need, always return back to the Quran. Allah can deny one His mercy if Quran is not respected like talking or playing while Quran is being recited.”

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