MIMS Honours Retire Staff for Excellent Service Delivery


In appreciating the effort and contributions to the overall development of the MIMS Schools in Lagos, the management has rewarded its Accountant, Mr Ishola Akeem Jimoh who retires from active service from the school.

Mr Ishola retires from the school after serving the school meritoriously for 16 years.

Mr Ishola joined the MIMS institution as an accounting teacher in 2006. After a while and having identified the skill of leadership and trustworthiness in the performance of his duties, he was promoted to fill the vacant position as an accountant of MIMS Comprehensive College after the resignation of Mrs Muhibah B, the former accountant of the college.

Mr Ishola was later promoted to head the accounting department of the School in 2015.

The celebrator, who had served and represented the school in various capacities in the finance department is an amiable, industrious and resilient person when he is on duty.

While eulogizing his work, the Board Chairman of MIMS Educational Services, and owners of MIMs Schools, Prince AbdulMujeeb Adesegun Ogungbayi also applauded and prayed for him fervently in his future endeavours.

The chairman of the Parents Teachers Associations (PTA) of the annexe, Mr Akintunde Haroon, commended the retiring staff and prayed for the celebrant.

In the same vein, the director of Academics who also doubles as the Board Secretary, Mr Taiwo L.S said the exemplary character of the celebrator is worthy of emulation. He advised him to keep his character in his next move.

The highlight of the event was the presentation of the gratuity cheque, plaque and commendation letter to the celebrator by the Board Chairman.

The PTA Chairman also presented a gift on behalf of the Parents’ forum of the school to the celebrator.

The head of Administration and Finance, Mr Tijani S.A also advised the celebrator to keep up the good work.

Also speaking, the former Director of Administration and Finance, Mr Afenifere Ismail commended Mr Ishola for his good work at the school. He advised him to keep his good name as he step forward into his next stage of life.

The Proprietor of MIMS Educational Services, Prof. Ismail Ayotunde Adelopo wished the celebrator unprecedented future achievements and success in all his next undertakings.

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