The Lagos State chapter of The Muslim Congress (TMC) has called for proactive measure in tackling impeding floods in the state.

The TMC stated this in a press released signed by its Wali (President) on Monday where it called on all stakeholders to live up to responsibility in tackling the flood.

The statement reads:
We painfully observed how flood has ravaged parts of the country (Anambra, Bayelsa, Benue, Delta, Cross River, Kogi and Rivers state) thereby causing colossal damage to lives and property while many have been displaced. Our hearts go to the concerned persons, their families and states. We urge for increased intervention by government at all levels, organizations and individuals so as to reduce the pains of the people.

The Nigerian Meteorological Agency has yet issued another warning for likely flood especially in specific areas in Lagos State following the recurring heavy down pour in the recent time. The areas so mentioned include Alapere, Agric, Ajegunle, Alagbole, Isheri, Ketu, Olowora, Owode Onirin, Mile 2 among others.

The Muslim Congress Lagos State feel distressed by this alert and we urge all and sundry to take proactive steps to reduce the possible damage particularly to human life.

Although, we have seen steps taken by the State government in clearing drainage channels across the state; we want to encourage the government to do more by simultaneously clearing the waste so removed from the drainage. We also want to encourage all LGs/ LCDAs to also be proactive. In like manner, we want to implore all residents, CDAs, Markets, Businesses and Companies in the State to make conscious and concerted efforts in properly disposing their wastes and clearing drainages. Persons/ organizations should take it as a point of duty to discourage indiscriminate disposal of bottles of soft drinks/ water by sensitizing people in their respective communities and report violators to relevant government agencies.

In the same vein, individuals should take it as a point of duty to keep safe and obey safety measures issued by the government and call LASEMA on the emergency service lines earlier released 112/767 in case situations are getting out of hand when it rains. Persons in low lying areas should be more conscious and the areas where flash floods have been experienced in recent time should be at alert. Children should equally be well enlightened and care givers including schools should do more sensitizations for their wards because children appear to be more vulnerable.

We urge all faithful to say this prayer when the weather is gathering storm “Allaahumma sayyiban naafi’an” (O Allah, bring beneficial rain).

May Allah protect us and our property.

Tajuedeen Yuusuf Olusesi, M.SC, MCIB, FAAE, FIIFP,
The Muslim Congress, Lagos State.

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