Tinubu is trying his best’–Founder, Omo Alausa Foundation


The founder of Omo Alausa Foundation, Dr. Olayinka Rasheed Alausa has said that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is really trying his best and it is evident in some of the key things he has done in his first few weeks in office which has shown that, “there’s a lot that can be achieved if we come together”.

He said this during an interview with Citizen News Hub at the after Eid party he organized for the 57 coordinators and excos of Omo Alausa Foundation.

According to him, the party was organized to serve as a breather for them after the travels to their hometown for the celebrations.

On the hike in fuel and other economic challenges, he encouraged the citizens to stay calm as,

“There’s always challenges in every country. Even countries that are years into democracy still face challenges. And for us that are 23 years into it, it is expected that be there’d be a lot of challenges. But there’s a lot of recognizable difference in year 2000 and year 2023. A lot of development has happened and it will continue like that. We may not reach El dorado in our lifetime but our generation would benefit from it”.

He further advised to government not go shy away from the fact that the development of everyone in a country is dependent on individual prosperity.

“If the majority are poor, then the country is poor. Rather than some people earning unmerited millions, a token of 20,000 naira to the vulnerable ones in the country can help them live better life”.

“The citizens should be upright as they are the best reflection to who a Nigerian should be. If we all are bad people, the country would be bad to us. If you want to receive goodness, be good to people and you’ll get it back in multiple folds”, he urged the citizenry.

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